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ZJ20H Piston Heater
ZJ20H Piston Heater
Piston Heater
*Operation Procedure
1£®.Press the start button, the host is electrified, here, the green indicator light, red light is off, the time relay begin to count, the unit is second, the workpiece is heated.
2. Before press the stop button remember the time number, then remove the workpiece, measuring the rise temperature of diameter flat-end service if it is in line with the requirements in order to install.
3. To heat the same specification bearing, to turn the switch in the position of time control, set the heating time, when the bearing is heated to the set time automatically power off.
When work is finished, to turn the switch in the position of stop and cut off the power.

*Installation and Debugging
1£ºCarton making and the host system were installed to the right place. The direction of the host should be in level, the vertical direction of before and after shall allow backward tilt equal or less than 3 degrees.
2£ºAfter Installation, must be reviewed by the electrical schematics before use, wiring is wrong or not.
3£ºAssure for correction, close the switch, turn on the power, turn the function selector switch to the manual postion. Here, the red indicator light.
4£ºPut the heating workpiece under the active yoke iron of the host iron, gently down to coincide with the workpiece (if the workpiece thickness unchanged, can adjust the positioning of the gong positioning screw, maintain 2mm gap between the yoke iron and the workpiece in order for continuous operation. At this point, the debugging is finished and can be put into use£®

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